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Mask Therapy : Safety Precaution

  • Patch test to be done if client has a history of allergy
  • Ensure products do not slip into the eyes or lip
  • Temperature of products is not too hot or cold

Duration of each application : 10 to 20 minutes, depending on the condition of the client's skin condition

Frequency : Frequency depends upon the condition of the skin, the age of the client, and the condition to be treated.

Adverse/Allergic Reaction

A hypersensitive reaction to intrinsically harmless antigens, most of which are environment. The best way to deal with an allergy is to locate and remove the cause and this can be done in three ways:

  1. See a dermatologist - determine by means of patch tests
  2. Elimination of one product after another - feasible only if possible irratants/suspect have been identified
  3. For cosmatic product, re-introduce the usage of one product at a time until the allergic reaction returns; enabling to eliminate the cause

Cosmetic Tecture and General Indication

  • Clay/Earth - for all skin type, preferred normal, combination to oily/blemished skin
  • Emulsion - for all skin types
  • Gel - for all skin types; depending on ingredients in the mask
  • Cream - usually given to normal, dry, sensitive or tired and mature skin
  • Oil - Usually given to dull, extremely dehydrated or dry and mature skin
  • Thermal/Paraffin Was Mask - usually given to dehydrated, dull, normal to dry and mature skin. For seborrhea skin, use it as a "preparatory" mask

General Contra-Indication

  • Cuts, abrasive, burn, acute stings & bites
  • Any evidence of acute inflammation or irritation
  • Extremely vascular skin conditions
  • Hypersensitive skin prone to allergic reaction, known allergy
  • Skin infection or any contagious "skin diseases or disorders"
  • Medical disorders that requires medical attention or approval

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