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Mask Therapy : Setting/Clay Mask

Clay Used:

  • Calamine : pale pink powder containing zinc carbonate and has a mild action. It has a cleansing and soothing effect, reduce high color
  • Magnesium Carbonate: white pweder containing a mild astringent effect. It has a cleansing, stimulating and refining action; maybe used to lighten and firm the skin
  • Kaolin : Natural creamy white powder containing a slightly stronger cleansing effects from the magnesium. It has a cleansing effect and stimulating action to vascular and lymphatic circulation, thus hastens the removal of waste products and improve skin function
  • Fuller's Earth : grey-green powder containing a string action on vascular and lymphatic circulation. The strong vascular response causes erytherma. It also has a slight blleaching and deep cleansing effect
  • Sulphur : fine yellow powder that is active against fungi and parasites. Used in tratment for skin disorders and disease like psoriasis and dermatitis. It has a drying effect and the ability to slow down oil gland activity, and will dissolves surface dead cells. Rarely used alone and normally added to fuller''s earth for use on seborrhea and blemished skin

Solutions Used for Setting/Clay Mask

  • Rose Water - Mild toning effect
  • Orange Flower - Stimulating and toning effect
  • Witch Hazel - Mildly astringent effect. Stimulating and drying,refininf the pores.

Oil Used for Setting/Clay Mask

  • Almond Oil - Slightly stimulating, nourishing and hydrating
  • Glyceraol/Glycerine - Soothing and moisturizing

Indications, Mask Recipes & Effect


  • 1 part kaolin
  • 1 part calamine
  • OR 1 part magnesium carbonate

Mix with purified water or rose water to form a smooth paste. To cleanse, refine and soften thhe skin since there are no skin problem present


  • 1 part calamine
  • 1 part magnesium carbonate
  • OR 1 part kaolin

Mix with rose water and a few drop of almond oil to form a smooth paste. Stimulates blood and lymph flow and improve skin color. Deep cleanse and aids desquamation and improves skin tecture

Oily or Seborrhea

  • 1 part magnesium carbonate
  • 1 part kaolin
  • OR 1 part fuller earth

Mix with orange water and/or which hazel o form a smooth paste. To cleanse, aid desquamation, and stimulated blood and lymph flow.

*When fuller earth and witch hazel are mized together, it has a deep cleansing and drying effect, also tightens open pores and has a slight bleaching effect on the skin.

It has a vascular response causing an erytherma, which can improve a sollow complexion.


  • 1 part calamine
  • 1 part magnesium carbonate
  • OR calamine only

Mix with rose water and a few drop of glycerine to form a smoth paste. It sooths and reduces any vascularity present, cleanse and softens the skin. The glycerine has a humectant properties and therefore prevents the skin from over drying.


  • 1 parts fuller earth
  • 1 part kaolin

Mix with witch hazel and *a few drop of sulphur (optional) to form a smooth paste. It has  adeep cleansing and drying effect; also tightens open pores and has a slight bleaching effect on the skin. It causes an erytgema, which can improve a sallow complexion.



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