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Massage Technique : Petrissage (Compression-Kneading Movement)

Petrissage: Definition

A compression movement is performed with intermittent pressure, either with one or both hands, or parts of the hands. Pestrissage movements are only used on relaxed muscle tissue.


Petrissage: Movement

Compression movements, which include kneading, knuckling, kifting, roling, pincing, frictions and many other techniques involving increased pressure and vascular stimulation



  • Compression and relaxation of muscles cause vascular and lymphatic vessels to be emptied and filled, thus increasing circulation and hastening the removal or waste products. This in turn eliminated fatigue, by removing lactic acid from the muscular tissues.
  • The skin, superficial and deeper tissues are all stimulated to further activity, improving cellular functions and regeneration.
  • Desquamation removes surface cellular matter and leaves the skin clear; refreshed and resined.
  • Hard contracted muscles are relaxed, so preventing the formation of fobrositis in the tissues, and muscle tone is improved through compression and relaxation of muscle fibers.

Peatical Care:

  •  The pressure applied is smooth and firm, and is then relaxed, and the movement then progresses tto an adjacent area and is repeated.
  • Petrissage movements are only used on relaxed muscle tissue.

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